The Vision Support Service team provides education and training sessions to teachers and support staff during school INSETs as well as to groups of professionals such as SENCOs or therapists, outlining the implications of the various aspects of visual impairment on access to learning.

We also offer training to specific groups of teachers and support staff who work with a particular child, helping them understand their student’s visual impairment and how this impacts on their access to the curriculum. This will include advice and suggestions given on modification of work, making the environment safe and accessible, adjusting teaching techniques as well as recommendations for suitable equipment.

Ongoing training is given to individual support staff to help them modify teaching materials effectively, to make best use of available technology and equipment and to help them learn Braille alongside the child or young person they are supporting where needed. 

We provide termly training on curriculum access as part of Linden Lodge School’s induction programme for new staff.

Feedback following a recent training session at a special school:

“It was really useful to start the day with your training to get everyone in the 'vision zone' for the day. I think other classes will really benefit from the same training. Thank you so much for your support.”