What our schools say about us

“Thank you for your report. I am particularly pleased with your commitment and the clear targets that you have set.”

“Thanks so much for the update and for your work with our families”

“Thank you for all your support this past year, it has been invaluable!”

“Your advice has been very helpful and the recommendations you made have had a positive effect”

“Thank you for your very clearly written report and thank you again for all the fantastic support you have given this year.”

“Thank you very much indeed. I very much value the content of the report and recommendations which I will implement accordingly.”

“Your level of support over the years has been invaluable. You have given me guidance and encouragement which has helped me grow into a confident and competent Intervenor as well as given me fresh and new ideas to use when working with my child. I look forward to your visit every week.”

“Having someone else in assessments who really understands the impact of deafblindness makes them so much more valuable – from wonderful photos of exactly what you need captured - to instinctive and sympathetic working with a child or insightful observations.”