Hope and Power at the forefront of Stargardt’s Day 2017

Medical professionals and people affected by Stargardt’s gathered in London to discuss the needs and priorities for the disease during Stargardt’s Day 2017.

With hope and power high on the agenda for the Stargardt’s community, shared experiences including the provision of information and support, and the research and development of new interventions were examined.

You can view all of the day’s presentations via their YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCIRUDWfCdBwLItX8aCATD4j_KpRiaAp2

A new Stargardt’s group has also formed out of Stargardt’s Day, and they are currently working on a website (www.stargardts.org.uk) and future opportunities for people with the disease to come together and meet.

For further information on Stargardt’s disease please visit: http://www.moorfields.nhs.uk/condition/stargardt-disease