Recruitment call for the DAiSY project

Recruitment call for the DAiSY project for young school aged children with significant visual impairment (4 to 7 year olds)
12 May 2017
Source: UCL Institute of Child Health

Would you and your child like to take part in an exciting research study?
The DAiSY project (Development and Assessment of Social Interaction for children with visual impairment) is a new project designed to learn more about the social development of children with visual impairment. We are looking for 4-7 year olds with visual impairment in England and Wales

Young children with childhood visual disorders may have challenges in learning to socially relate to other people and to communicate successfully. As well as learning more about the social development of children with vision loss/visual impairment this study also aims to identify the challenges that children with visual impairment may face in this age range. We hope to develop important new assessment tools and approaches that will help us to identify children’s needs as early as possible and ensure that they get the right assistance.

The project requires one visit with our research team, either at your home or in London with travel expenses reimbursed. The visit will involve us assessing your child’s general development and functional vision, as well as several play based assessments. There are also some questionnaires for parents to complete.

For more information please contact us:

Dr Elena Sakkalou,
Clinical Neurosciences,
Developmental Neurosciences Programme,
UCL Institute of Child Health,
30 Guilford Street,
London. WC1N 1EH
Telephone: 020 7905 290