Two UK sight loss charities merge

The merger between the Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB) and Royal Society for Blind Children will allow the charity to grow its services on a national scale and fulfil its mission that “no child should grow up to be poor or lonely just because they are blind.”
After forming an alliance in 2014, the Royal London Society for Blind People and RSBC will now conduct all its operations under the same name, making clear its position in the sector as a charity focused on childhood sight loss and its negative impact on life chances.
Now with greater resource and geographical reach, RSBC is in a unique position to grow its core services and work towards its key objective of breaking the cycle of poverty and social exclusion that affects such a high proportion of blind and partially sighted young people.
RSBC is already expanding its post diagnosis support to both children and their parents, which they believe to be crucial to preventing children from growing up into unemployment and loneliness. The Family Support Service (FSS) can be accessed across England and Wales and is a direct response to the fact that so often, parents of a newly diagnosed child don’t know how to adapt to their child’s condition.
As well as the FSS, RSBC also provides services for teenagers and young adults. These include social groups, health and well-being clubs, further education and work skills.
By 2020, RSBC aims to have supported 11,000 blind and partially sighted children across England and Wales.